Enamel Shades (5 x enamel shades available)


These shades are called Inspiro's SKIN shades. The five levels of tint and translucency available mimick all natural enamel variations to extend aesthetic possibilitites and system reliability


BLEACH and WHITE - provide the brightness and lightness needed for young patients and rejuvenated smiles

NEUTRAL - is a very common enamel tint used for adults

IVORY and TRANSPARENT - mostly used for mature teeth which require more depth and warmth


3 of the 5 restorative skin shades are also available in a flowable consistency



Dentine Shades (8 x dentine shades available)


These shades are known as our BODY SHADES. The eight variations reflect the level of dentine chroma. There are 6 chroma levels for the restorative material and 7 for the flowable material. Intensity 0 was developed for bleached teeth and intensity 5 to 7 for optimal integration of class V restorations, or for dentine mamelons. This comprehensive choice of body shades will allow the clinician to cover all dentine chroma variations found in nature. All body shades exhibit the same colour (hue) and a similar opacity and fluorescence, greatly simplifying shade selection, as compared to other systems. 



Effect Shades (5 x effect shades available)


AZUR - serves to enhance blue-opalescent effects of the incisal edge in front teeth. It is not too intense so that over-characterisation can be avoided.


CHROMA - is applied over the normal dentine composite layer to warm up the tooth and counteract too much opalescence.


ICE - helps to simulate widespread enamel opacities and serves then to create those discrete, natural "imperfections" such as light fluorosis or surface deminieralisation.


OPAQUE - is mainly used to block out metal cores or dark stump shades. Is often mixed with chroma effect shade before placement to create the perfect block-out colour.


FISSURE - is to be placed in the depth of occlusal fissures of class I and II restorations to improve their aesthetic integration and stimulate the artistic talent of practitioners when doing posterior restorations.


inspiro composite
inspiro composite
inspiro composite